Custom Examples

"THE wooden gallery PROCESS" ™

  • The process indefinitely preserves any image without yellowing.
  • The Wooden Gallery process eliminates all minor wrinkles and tears on older images due to the total saturation of the image in this wet process.
  • As a point of interest, this acrylic emulsion developed by Mr. Desforges over 34 years ago, has evolved to a point where it is being used in exterior paint applications. Whether it be a masonry, wood or metal substrate a 50/50 mixture of this emulsion with any high quality water-based exterior paint results in a film, which has tremendous bonding abilities. It has been shown to withstand extreme weather conditions and has never cracked or peeled in such exterior applications.  Therefore, using our emulsion full strength with total penetration will preserve your image on paper or canvas indefinitely.
  • No bleed through from the other side.
  • Completely saturated with our acrylic emulsion which includes the latest hi-tech UV inhibitors.
  • Not subject to humidity, heat, or cold.
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