Preserve life’s most special moments for generations.

Family vacation photos. A wedding portrait. A tribute to a beloved pet or relative. Your child’s artwork. A special newspaper clipping. All can be preserved and framed to showcase life’s most important moments. Custom orders through The Wooden Gallery freeze a moment in time so that you can treasure it for a lifetime. Get started by contacting us today!

Gallery owner, Michael Desforges, and gallery manager, John Korzek Jr., will help you find the framing and matting options that will highlight your image and command attention in your home. Every custom order is long-lasting and hand-crafted with care.

Michael dedicated the past four decades his life to preserving the memories of others. During this time, he developed The Wooden Gallery Process™, a method in which photos and memories are perfectly preserved using a one-of-a-kind emulsion.


The Wooden Gallery Process™’ EXEMPLARY FEATURES

  • Indefinitely preserves images without yellowing

  • Eliminates minor wrinkles and tears on older images due to the total saturation of the image in this wet process

  • Boasts UV protection

  • Is not subject to humidity, heat, or cold

The perfect gift for

Birthdays | Birth of a child | Engagements | Graduations | Holidays | Memorial of a loved one | Retirements | Weddings


Begin your custom order.

  1. Submit the informational inquiry form. Please include the highest resolution file or print you have.*

  2. To achieve your dream presentation, we will call you to learn more about your project, style preferences, and the desired size of the print. If possible, visit our studio to browse your selection of frames and finishes.

  3. We will give you a quote for your custom order.

  4. Custom orders are typically printed and hand-finished in 2-4 weeks using The Wooden Gallery Process™. If your order requires a quicker production time, we are happy to work within your timeline.

  5. Pick up your hand-crafted finished product in-store or enjoy complimentary shipping to your doorstep.

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*You can send us a digital file and we will create a finished print, including enlargement, customized to your needs. The finished image size will depend on the file size of the image, which we will discuss during the customization process. Charges will be applied for both the enlargement and the processing. The processing charge is based on image size. The photo enlargement charge is an additional 10% of the processing charge.